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Brunch offers leaders opportunity to reflect


GSC Women’s Ministries director Beryl Landers (far left) with fellow Women’s Ministries leaders.

A leadership brunch run by the Greater Sydney Conference’s Women’s Ministries team was an opportunity for local leaders to reflect on the first half of 2018 and share what they had been doing in their churches.

Instead of having a designated speaker, the ladies chose to have an open mic session during which anyone could feel free to discuss what they had been doing for women’s ministries in 2018 and what their plans were for 2019.

Women from Greater Sydney Conference enjoy the leadership brunch.

“We mapped out 2019 so the leaders could go back to their churches and make sure they created a meaningful women’s ministries program for next year,” said Beryl Landers, GSC Women’s Ministries director. “It was a lovely morning—great questions and ideas emerged. We’re excited about what is happening now and will be happening in the future.”

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