17th August 2017

The weekend of 11-13 August 2017 will be one that will be remembered for a long time with the events and activities that took place celebrating the 500 years of the Protestant Reformation. Spearheaded by the British Union Conference (BUC) Evangelism department through the leadership of Pastor Eglan Brooks and his able planning team, the event saw a coordinated programme involving all departments of the BUC working together.

The weekend proved to be a highly successful event not just with the tremendous support from church members, but the response from the community exceeded expectations. Estimations are that over the weekend period 2000 people passed by in attendance of one or more of the various programs.

Pastor Eglan Brooks, in reflecting on the weekend said, “it was an opportunity to celebrate our heritage as a Church as ‘heirs of the Reformation’ and also ensure that we engage our local community with the unique message of hope found only in Jesus Christ.”

Friday Evening

The weekend celebration began on Friday evening with a Thanksgiving Service at Stanborough Park church. It was a fitting moment to reflect on our Adventist heritage and this was done effectively through three presentations. Retired minister, Pastor Patrick Boyle, gave an ‘Historical Reflection of Adventists’ and20170811_195756 its doctrinal formation that developed and emerged because of the Reformation. Noah Naylor’s musical rendition ‘He’ll do it again’, was the perfect link reminding us of God’s guidance in the past and His ability to continue to do that in the future. The second presentation was by BUC Executive Secretary Pastor John Surridge who gave an informative and captive PowerPoint presentation that succinctly explored the topic, ‘Who Are Seventh-day Adventists?’

The first of our weekend’s guest speakers, Dr Roy Adams, former Associate Editor of the Adventist Review magazine, gave the third and main prese20170814_110751ntation. It was an inspiring and challenging message on the topic, ‘Lest We Forget: This is War!’ where he outlined the controversy between Christ and Satan, truth and error, which was the battleground of conflict during the Reformation and how it still continues today.


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