BUC Office to Cut Back on Single-Use Plastic

BUC Office to Cut Back on Single-Use Plastic

5th July 2019

Glastonbury Festival… known for its contemporary music, comedy, theatre, with leading pop and rock artists is held over a five-day period is often accustomed to rapturous applause and cheers for performing artists. But on the last day of the festival Sir David Attenborough made a surprise appearance thanking the crowds for helping to reduce the use of plastic at the event.

The broadcaster and naturalist said his series Blue Planet 2, which detailed the effect of plastics on the ocean, had had an extraordinary effect. “Now this great festival has gone plastic-free,” he said. “That is more than a million bottles of water have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you! Thank you!”

What was surprising about his appearance and statement was that he received the loudest huge roar of support throughout the entire period. With increasing awareness of the dangers of plastic to the environment both on land and sea, there is a significant momentum away from its excessive use. 

The issue of preserving the environment is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to unite with the community in promoting this cause and taking the practical steps necessary in becoming effective stewards of God’s creation.

At the British Union Conference, we have recognised this need to start the process becoming more aware of how we utilise this material. The biggest problem, however, is single-use plastic. So, with the month of July being plastic-free month what better time to initiate a plastic-free work environment.

We have grown accustomed to buying single-use plastic water bottles, take-away coffee cups, lunch wrapped in disposable plastic packaging, and possibly a plastic bag in supermarkets. However, think of the immense quantities of plastic that are required to feed that addiction over the years, whether it’s in our office, your household or your own town.


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