BUC Presents: Three Cosmic Messages with Mark Finley :: Adventist Church in UK and Ireland

BUC Presents: Three Cosmic Messages with Mark Finley :: Adventist Church in UK and Ireland

Three Cosmic Messages with Mark Finley – 13 Week Series Each Friday 8pm | YouTube – BUC News TV

The British Union Conference presents an exciting teaching series exploring the biblical truths found in the prophetic book of Revelation. Internationally renowned TV Evangelist, Mark Finley looks at current world conditions within the political, economic, and social realms, to align the spiritual teachings of prophecy to today’s world.

This 13-part series goes into the heart of the biblical book of Revelation providing you with a clear and deeper understanding of the events surrounding the last days in light of the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14.

Held each week on the BUC News YouTube Channel, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to also create a ‘study bubble’ with your friends and/or family to watch each presentation together followed by a time of discussion. Your study bubble could meet in person
(observing social distancing guidelines where they apply) but could also meet virtually if additional government restrictions come into force.

Free lesson guides are also available which can be downloaded on this page below will accompany each night’s topic, and provide further material to assist you in your learning.

The first meeting starts, Friday 16 October at 8pm, then weekly at the same day and time for 13 weeks.

See promotional video trailer here.

See the schedule table below with lesson guides for each topic will be made available two weeks before each presentation.

  Date to be Aired Presentational Topic Study Guides

16 October      

Jesus vs Satan

Lesson 1 Download


23 October

The Decision that Decides Your Destiny

Lesson 2 Download


30 October

Only One Church Preaches this Message

Lesson 3 Download


6 November

Will You Pass God’s Judgement?

Lesson 4 Download


13 November

Mathematical Proof we are Living in the Last Days

Lesson 5 Download


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