Calebs pay homage to health professionals in Lages :Adventist News Online


It was after 11:30 am on Saturday, July 25, and the city of Lages, in Santa Catarina state in Brazil, was in a moment of turmoil. At that hour, a city doctor was dying from COVID-19. However, at the door of the Tereza Ramos Hospital, where that physician was admitted, something else was happening. Seventh-day Adventist members of the Caleb Mission raised their voices to praise God.

There were guitars, violins, and singing, alongside posters that offered a special tribute to the employees, contractors and collaborators of the hospital. Pastor Elmar Borges, director of Adventist youth for the southern region of Brazil (União Sul Brasileira), was there. He praised the initiative, highlighting the importance of the current moment: “It is time to learn to trust. You wait and God works. We live in a time when the Christian is prevented from leaving home, but the gospel is not,” he said.

Although brief, the tribute to health professionals had a positive impact on the community. Local journalists and bloggers highlighted the action. City council member Lucas Neves posted a video of the Calebs’ action on his social media and the post had thousands of comments and shares. “God be praised for each of your lives. Seeing the gospel being announced like this, with such simplicity and affection, fills me with hope,” commented the politician.

Relief amid routine

According to the hospital’s management, the tribute paid by the young Adventists message of faith and hope encouraged the hospital’s workers and medical staff. Maria Elena dos Santos, a public servant in Lages told the Calebs, “May you always be blessed and protected by God!”

Following all the security protocols of the state and municipal governments, participants in the Caleb Mission in the Serra Catarinense have carried out several actions, targeting the Church’s internal and external audiences.


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