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It has been a year since we were deeply impacted by the dreadful coronavirus pandemic. Each of us can recall what it felt like as we watched, in almost stunned disbelief, the country shut down—offices closed down, churches closed, restaurants closed, professional sports canceled, children sent home indefinitely from school, citizens required to stay home, grocery stores running out of basic items, hand sanitizer in short supply, and toilet paper being fought over in the aisles. The pandemic has brought an economic downturn, with food insecurity reaching a level not seen since the Great Depression. We have witnessed an unparalleled reaction to social injustice and inequality. During the past few months, we have witnessed a historic political schism that has threatened the fabric of our democracy as we know it.
What sense have you made of it as a Seventh-day Adventist? Is God concerned about this world? Is God speaking? If so, what is He saying to us? What message have you received from all of this?

These are the pertinent questions we should be asking. God is using these events to speak to His church and people. He has given us a message that is crafted for our time. It is a message of hope and wholeness. This is exactly what people are seeking in this uncertain season. A message of hope and wholeness and hands that will meet the felt needs and provide relief is what people are desperately craving.

This was never so clear to me as it was a few days ago, when my wife and I met a homeless woman named Danielle. She needed money to pay for a night’s stay at a Travelodge hotel. If she didn’t have the money by 11 a.m., the hotel would place her things outside in the parking lot. I asked her what she would do the next day if we paid for one night, and she said, “I will come out and ask again.” 


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