Camp Meeting 2017 TUESDAY REPORT


22nd June 2017


Prayer & Praise

Prayer & Praise Time is usually the heartbeat of the SEC Camp Meeting. During this time, God’s people come to praise His name and share their heartwarming Testimonies because God has heard their prayers, presented before Him at the previous year’s Camp Meeting, or in the cause of the year.

The “Theme” for this year’s Prayer & Praise Time, as introduced by Veronica Williams, the SEC Prayer Coordinator, is “Restoration”.  She asked the congregation to pray, in groups of four, for God’s power of Restoration. She also later introduced the first Principle of this year’s Prayer Time as “P” for Patience, citing Isaiah 40:31, “They that wait (patiently) on the LORD shall renew their strength.” The Intercessory prayer, led by Linda Mukwada, focused on praying for “All who are in authority” (1 Tim 2:1-2), especially, for the political leaders of the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, during the Testimony time, led by Malika Bediako, only one person came forward, to testify of how God had miraculously opened the way for her to attend this year’s Camp Meeting, when funds were low and not wanting to break her 20 years of attending Camp Meeting.

Juan Carlos Patrick“God’s Adaptability” was the title of the message by Pastor Juan Carlos Patrick, SEC Teen’s Director and speaker for this year’s Prayer & Praise Time. In Genesis 17:1, God revealed Himself to Abraham as “El-Shaddai” (“God Almighty”), which means, “to breast-feed”.  He said God acted as a mother, put on His apron, took the bottle and fed Israel because it was then a baby.  But when He called Moses to deliver them from Egyptian bondage, He revealed Himself as “YAHWEH” (Exodus 3:14) meaning “A Warrior or Restorer”.  God then put on His helmet and took up His Sword” to liberate His children from Egyptian captivity, because He had “seen” and “heard’ their “oppression” (Exodus 3:7).  In John 1:14, the Bible also says that God the Word became “flesh”, adapting Himself once again, to save mankind from the power of sin and Satan.  The lesson here is that God is Practical, Flexible and Adaptable to every circumstance of His children.  He alone sees, hears and knows what no one else can ever imagine about His children, and He is prepared to adapt Himself to their situation just to deliver them. 


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