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Campers of all Ages Will "Shine Bright" at National Camps for Blind Children


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Katrina, Carolyn, and Ryan, NCBC attendees, enjoy the swimming area at Camp Lawroweld.
Photo by Taumi Baker


National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC), a program of Christian Record Services, Inc., is excited to announce open registration for its 51st summer season. The theme for 2017 is “Shine Bright!”

Children and adults ages 9 to 65, who are legally blind, are invited to attend camp sponsored by NCBC at 10 locations across the United States. Each camp provides a variety of modified traditional activities such as horseback riding, waterskiing, archery, crafts, climbing wall, swimming, canoeing, bowling, talent night, and more.

Started in 1967, National Camps for Blind Children has offered safe, fun adventures in nature for more than 50,000 blind children and adults. The confidence-building experiences at these camps enable attendees to view life in new and exciting ways. Generous individuals and business owners provide these camping adventures.

If you know someone who is blind who would like more information, contact Christian Record Services at 402-488-0981. A full list of camp locations is available at www.BlindCamps.org.

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