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Care Groups in Southern Asia-Pacific Rally Together for the World Church Initiative: I Will Go!


Encouraged and empowered, thousands of care group members from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division joined the Care Group Virtual Congress on May 13, 2022. Online delegates from all 14 countries attended the meeting via different social media platforms, resulting in thousands of viewers worldwide.

“Through the work of the Holy Spirit, every single person in our care groups, in our departments, in our churches, is empowered to be caring Christians,” said Pastor Roger Caderma, NDR-IEL director and vice president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. Delegates of this virtual congress witnessed a diverse musical presentation of song service and encouraging messages on care group ministries.

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division has a registered number of 21,264 care groups. These care groups have been instrumental in various church initiatives, particularly in the recent evangelistic endeavors in Mindoro, Philippines. Hundreds of former rebel groups surrendered their lives in baptism after consistent and faithful communication and relationship effected by care groups organized in the Philippines. 

Pastor Saw Samuel, president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, delivered the message for the vesper service. He reminded all delegates that the church was organized for service and our mission was to carry the gospel to the world. 

“It doesn’t matter where we are coming from; what matters the most is that we are called by grace and [to] be part of God’s salvation, God’s plan of redemption, and to be a source of instrument and a source of blessings to others,” Samuel said.

Care Groups in Action

Success stories and testimonies from different countries within the division warmed up everyone’s attention for the Care Group Virtual Congress on Sabbath morning. Members of the Adventist Church structured timely and need-based ministries to attend to the communities’ holistic needs. During the pandemic, some of our churches planned to assist hospitals within their respective areas by providing oxygen tanks for patients suffering from COVID-19. Others helped the government by distributing vaccines to communities that have not received vaccinations yet.

On the island of Mindoro, Philippines, former rebels and minorities were encouraged to join small group meetings organized by our members to have regular fellowship. These meetings led to bigger community programs like mass weddings, social gatherings, health seminars, and eventually, evangelistic meetings resulting in baptisms.

When Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines in 2021, small groups, despite being affected themselves, spearheaded relief operations and partnered with different facets of the church and the government to distribute goods to highly affected areas in Central and South Philippines.

“The small group is the best way to win souls for Jesus,” said Pastor Rudy Baloyo, executive secretary of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. “It is within the context of care groups that church members will be nurtured and become active disciples of Jesus, doing ‘love in action’ ministry to the community both individually and corporately.”

Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the Adventist World Church, encouraged the congregation as he spoke for the divine worship service. He opened the Scriptures to Isaiah 6 as a reminder of Isaiah’s character in answering God’s call, especially during these difficult times: “I Will Go!”

“Are you willing to go?” Wilson asked. “The Lord is calling you today in this very difficult and tough time. So many challenges we are facing, so much uncertainty for the unknown future. God is calling you to share with others the wonderful good news that Christ has a way of escape.”

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site




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