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Carsons Bid Puts Seventh-day Adventists in the spotlight

Picture of Ben Carson
As Ben Carson surges ahead in the republican race. People are growing in their curiosity about Seventh-day Adventists

Carsons Bid Puts Seventh-day Adventists in the spotlight

Normally when you ask people what a Seventh-day Adventist is they say Seventh day what?!.  But Ben Carsons presidential bid is swiftly changing that.  Recent reports have shown that now more than ever people are curious to find out who or what Seventh-day Adventists are.  With the huge surge In Ben Carsons popularity in his presidential race for the white house.  Seventh-day Adventists are now in the spotlight more than they have ever been.  As he leaps ahead of Donald trump in the republican race for the white house and in his bid to win in Iowa, Iowans who are deeply evangelical have also started to look up Adventism. Ben Carson often mentions his faith in interviews. Donald Trump seems to mention faith when its politically advantageous to do so and although claiming to attend a church in New York, the church claim that trump is not a member there. Carson recently opened up about being Seventh – day Adventist in a new interview which you can see Here  The two videos below go into Carsons rising Popularity in more depth.  We welcome your comments on this story at the bottom of this page.

Ben Carson surges ahead of Donald Trump


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