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Chance encounter leads to woman’s Adventist commitment :Adventist News Online

Chance encounter leads to woman’s Adventist commitment

Jun 17, 2020  |  Encarnación, Paraguay  | 

Chance encounter leads to woman’s Adventist commitment

Mariza (center, with the baptism certificate) after giving her life to Christ, accompanied by her son and her friends from the Ministry of Women [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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Mariza was devastated. Her son was in prison and it was difficult to accept his absence. The only thing left was to be strong and support her child. One Saturday, she arranged to visit her son, as she usually did.

Upon arriving at the prison, Mariza observed some people gathered in the visitor’s pavilion. She walked over and asked who they were, and what activity they were doing. They told Mariza that they were part of a group of women who met every Saturday to visit, study the Bible and that they belonged to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Mariza asked to be part of the group. “Since July 2019, she was our faithful companion. Every Saturday, she was involved in the activities of the Women’s Ministry and actively participated in the study groups,” said María Cristina González, director of the Women’s Ministry of the Central Adventist Church of Encarnación, in Paraguay.

Three months later, in October, Mariza felt a desire to be baptized. In preparation, she asked her Women’s Ministry friends to study the Bible with her, and they gladly agreed.

After several months of study and as part of the celebration for 25 years of the Ministry of Women, on Saturday June 6, Mariza gave her life to Christ. “Long ago I had made a promise to God; If You free my son, I would dedicate my life to serve God. Today, in the company of my son, I give my life to Christ and make a new vow: dedicate my time to His service,” she said.

This moment became a symbol of gratitude to God for the work that the Ministry of Women carries out in the Itapúa “El Cereso” Regional Prison. Mariza has also committed to continue Prison Ministry service, so more people can come to know Christ.

Activities of the “Women’s Missionary Saturday”

During the week, the leaders of the Women’s Ministry in each congregation encourage the ladies of the churches to pray every day for a woman who is not Adventist or who is separated from Christ.

At the conclusion of the “Missionary Saturday” meeting, they contacted the person for whom they had prayed and invited them to church, giving a small gift as well. Like Mariza, many have now made a decision to follow Christ thanks to the work carried out by the Women’s Ministry in Paraguay.


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site 



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