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“Changing the Time of Miracles” Pathfinder Camp Took Place in Central Siberia :Adventist News Online


During the winter holidays, a pathfinder camp was held, where pathfinders from all over Central Siberia gathered.

How do you make your winter holidays perfect? You take your friends and go with them far, far away to some snowy house. Be sure to take your guitar and board games with you. It’s good if the house has a swimming pool, husky dogs, and skis on which you and your friends can go to the forest and admire the beauty of the world God created and find the tracks of a hare to the frozen river. Even temperatures below -30° will not be able to stop you. The main thing is you are with your friends and God. And there are several happy days ahead, which you will forever keep in your heart.

This is how the Siberian trackers spent their holidays. They came from Barnaul, Topchikha, Novokuznetsk, Spirino, and Maslyanino, Novosibirsk and settled in a suburban base. A total of 63 people came.

The event was called “The Time of Miracles.” And it turned out to be really wonderful. During these days, Pathfinders have completed these specializations:

  • “Swimmer” (yes, there really was a large and warm pool, which made many of them want to stay at this base much longer)
  • “Geocaching” (searching for treasures)
  • “Weather” and “skiing”

On Sabbath, there was a Pathfinder initiation. Three new people joined the Pathfinder club, and sixteen teenagers responded to a call for baptism.

“During these days, everyone who came to the camp, even the guys not from the church, who was [sic] at such a gathering for the first time, had new friends, impressions, and gratitude to God, who gathered us all together and arranged this whole trip, and presented these wonderful winter days “, said mentor Alexander Gushchin.

“What I liked the most was swimming in the pool and the board game soccer. I also liked the specialization ‘skiing’. Sasha Gushchina taught it. I liked everything”, recalls Polina Proskurina.

“I really liked the camp. I should have had at least two specializations, and so I am grateful to all the staff of the camp”, said Artur Andriyanov.

“Polina came back home from the camp and cried all evening, could not understand why.… It turns out that she misses the camp!!! Thanks to the organizers, we look forward to the next meeting”, said Polina’s mother.

Ilya Kulagin shares his impressions: “The first time on such a trip, I liked it very much, I am delighted!”

“The organization of the events was at the highest level: contests, prizes, themes—just fire! In general, the camp took place, everything was great: a sauna, a swimming pool. Live there and enjoy at least two weeks,” said sports instructor Alexei Petrov.

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site




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