Church members encouraged to participate in global literature distribution 

Book dedication ceremony at the AUC.

In preparation for the literature distribution month and impact day, a special book dedication ceremony was held at the Australian Union Conference (AUC) for the 2021 Missional Sharing Book of the Year, Hope for Troubled Times. 

AUC president Pastor Jorge Munoz led in a prayer of dedication and asked God to bless the initial outcome of the sharing book print run. 

“It is important that we take the time to commit this book to the Lord and to share Adventist literature,” explained Pastor Munoz. “Many people have been adversely impacted by the pandemic, and God can use this resource to bring hope into people’s lives.” 

Hope for Troubled Times was written by Mark Finley and produced by the Seventh-day Adventist world Church. Although it was written as a result of COVID-19, it can also apply to other significant challenges that are faced individually or globally, such as unemployment, natural disasters, domestic violence, famine, war and health issues. 

In recent times there have been many situations that have led people to ask, “Where is God in all of this?” 

Hope for Troubled Times explores God’s answers to the many questions we have in times of trouble. 

Impact day, on May 15, is a day where church members are encouraged to participate in a massive global literature distribution in their communities with the main purpose of bringing hope to people. 

This year, for the first time in recent history, every conference in Australia and New Zealand will join in this exciting mission and share Hope for Troubled Times. 

The AUC, along with many of its local conferences, will be using the month of May as an impact month, encouraging local churches to dedicate the whole month to prayer, sharing their faith and distributing this booklet of hope. 


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