Collaborative Effort Boosts Solidarity During the Pandemic :Adventist News Online


Solidarity—what does this word mean to you? One of the definitions of this term, from the Michaelis Brazilian Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, is, “Feeling of love or compassion for the needy or the wronged, which impels the individual to provide them with moral or material help.”A recent study shows that almost 117 million Brazilians do not eat as they should, with sufficient quality and quantity.

Of these, 19 million have nothing to eat. It is in this context, which is not new but was aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, with fragile economies and the increase in social inequalities, that solidarity gestures can be decisive to change the reality of those close to you and even those who are on the other side of the world.

This is the case of Kaito Queiroz, 29, a software developer who lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He left Brazil in 2019 when he received a job offer from a Dutch company. Reading the news about unemployment and the economic crisis in the Brazilian territory, Queiroz decided to help. “I was also motivated by a speech by Rochdi Darrazi, founder of the company Boldking, where I currently work. He brought the idea that ‘if you are doing well in life, why not give something back to society?’ So I decided that I should act in some way”, he recalls.

Soon after, he started a fundraising campaign via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The funds would be used to purchase basic food baskets to be delivered to people in their region of origin. “However, as I don’t live in Brazil, I needed to count on the help of some serious institution that would have the structure and volunteers to guarantee that the funds raised would go to the people who need it most and would not end up in the hands of corrupt institutions. It was then that the name of the Adventist Solidarity Action (ASA) came to me”, he clarifies.


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