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Creation Sabbath celebrates the wonder of God’s handiwork


Nov 04, 2018  |  Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States  | 

Creation Sabbath celebrates the wonder of God's handiwork

The Village Church in Berrien Springs hosted Creation Sabbath – a celebration of God’s work in creation as described in the book of Genesis and affirmed throughout Scripture. 

Timothy Standish, senior scientist from The Geoscience Research Institute of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, California, partnered with the Village Church in organizing a weekend, which had an attendance of more than 700. Many came to see Creation paintings recently completed by world-renowned artist, Nathan Greene. The weekend displayed six Creation paintings from a series of seven; the seventh is currently in progress. 

The afternoon included over 150 children who came for a kids’ program that featured science experiments hosted by chemistry students of Ryan Hayes, Chemistry professor at Andrews University. Presenters included scientists, theologians, educators, and designers. 

Creation Sabbath is an annual event for the Seventh-day Adventist world church where participants celebrate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation and affirm the Biblical narrative. 

All presentations were recorded by the North American Division’s Adventist Learning Community(ALC). Recordings from weekend presenters can be accessed  on ALC’s website or http://www.villagesda.org/

Your church can prepare to participate in Creation Sabbath on October 26, 2019 with resources at www.creationsabbath.net


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