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Creationist series takes teens to explore the Galapagos :Adventist News Online

Creationist series takes teens to explore the Galapagos

May 31, 2020  |  Galapagos

Creationist series takes teens to explore the Galapagos

To help strengthen belief in the Bible account of Creation, Seventh-day Adventists in South America have produced “Adventures in Galapagos,” a two-episode television series as part of an interdisciplinary learning program for Adventist schools in the division and beyond.

Eight nations in South America, as well as Mexico and the United States, will be able to view the program, which is available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish via the Feliz7Play online platform.

Edgard Luz, education director for the church’s South America Division, said, “The project goes beyond producing a movie or a series. That’s what Hollywood and streaming services do. Our goal was to produce a multidisciplinary product that would serve various platforms and support scientific content for creationism, in a language that speaks to today’s youth.”

Galapagos island was chosen for the diversity of its natural resources, including marine life, volcanos, and much more. Everything shown in the series is supported with scientific evidence, which students can explore in-depth on websites such as www.origins.org

Video Contest Promoted

After viewing the series videos and addressing the subject in class,  students will be able to participate in a game in which you have to decipher a puzzle from the scenes presented in the series.

The project will also promote a division-wide competition for small films with creationist themes, which must be produced entirely by the students. The best productions from each school will be chosen, going through regional competitions, until they reach the 16 best in all of South America. A cash prize will be given to the final winner.

To support the production of students from the eight countries that take up the challenge, a behind-the-scenes documentary of the series and practical instructions on how to produce a small film was also produced, which also will air on the Feliz7Play platform.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site 



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