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Crimea pastors awarded for work to maintain interfaith peace


I n early September, Crimean Federal University (KFU) hosted a meeting of the Council for Interfaith Relations. The event was attended by representatives of the city of Simferopol, various pastors, students, teachers, and scientists.

Valentin Demidov, deputy head of the Simferopol city administration, thanked those present for their participation and began the meeting with the presentation of gratitude and diplomas.

Among those noted for cooperation were two ministers of the Adventist Church: Eduard Siminyuk, president of the Crimean mission; and Valery Dubok, senior presbyter of the second congregation in Simferopol.

The ministers of the Adventist Church of the Crimean Mission were noted with gratitude for their conscientious work and special contribution to the development of spirituality, and active work to maintain interfaith peace and harmony in the city of Simferopol.

Crimean Adventists take an active social position. This year, with the assistance of the Simferopol City Administration, they provided assistance to an orphanage boarding school in the village of Lozovoe, donating a batch of reusable face masks provided by the public organization Center for Assistance to ADRA.

Later, at the church of the second community of the city of Simferopol, at the suggestion of the KFU administration, a meeting was held with students of the faculty of religious studies. The event was also attended by teachers, the chairman of the interreligious council under the city administration, the president of the Crimean mission, and pastors and elders of the Simferopol communities. The ministers of the church told about the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the emergence of the first communities in the territory of Crimea, as well as the biblical principles set forth in the doctrines of the confession. An interesting discussion took place; those who wished were able to receive “The Spirit of Prophecy” and other literature.

The main issue on the agenda of the meeting was the discussion of the cultural and historical heritage of Simferopol in strengthening interfaith peace and spiritual and moral education of not only residents of Crimea, but also those who visit. 

“A significant number of historical and cultural monuments are located in the territory of Simferopol, and the community’s attention to such issues is not accidental,” says Vernadsky Olga Griva, head of the Department of Religious Studies at the School of Philosophy at KFU. “One of the most important qualities that distinguished humankind from the animal world is its historical memory.”

Based on the results of the meeting, the group plans to publish a collection of articles.

Information Department, Simferopol, based on materials from the press service of the KFU

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