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Dearcoronavirus 09: Unmasked!


18 May 2020 Bern/St. Albans [Catherine Boldeau / CD-EUDNews / tedNEWS]  

The latest #dearcoronavirus clip #9 asks about your passionate dream and stands in solidarity with all those struggling in the unfortunate world of Coronavirus.


We have a dream
A dream of a different world
A world after the pandemic is over
And the dreaded contagion is just history…

If history teaches us anything
It’s that it repeats itself if not heeded
And our dream is to heed history
To create a ‘new normal’
New justice
New compassion
New love
We have a dream today…

We have a dream
Of a responsible world
A world where your interests
Become my concerns
A world where your pain
Encourages my desire to advocate
A world where your wounds
Propel me to heal
We have a dream today…

We have a dream
That global government
Will create debt forgiveness,
That each country
Will close the wealth gap,
That every community
Will support their vulnerable,
Their lonely,
Those living in poverty

We have a dream
That each of us
We will stand together
In agreement of feeling
In the unity of spirit
In mutual acceptance
In solidarity

And today, we invite you to join us
To make our dream
Your reality…
Our dream,
To help as many people as possible
To live as God intended…

Undoubtedly, these last months have created a chain of difficulties and economic crisis that have left families struggling and with some people in the unenviable position of not being able to get what they needed to survive.

Refugees, the dispossessed, people alone at home, the elderly, the disabled and the homeless have been especially vulnerable during this crisis.

We are thankful for the many volunteers who have organised themselves to address these basic needs. They are offering one of the most dignified human attitudes: solidarity.

In contrast to the threats of COVID-19, wearing a mask and taking the necessary precautions, these volunteers armed themselves with courage and have broken the wall of indifference.

We dedicate this edition of #dearcoronavirus to them. But instead of honouring them – it is actually ‘them’ who are speaking – a message of love from our partners in the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

ADRA always seeks to give a voice. ‘Unmasked’ is part of that voice.

The complete series of #dearcoronavirus 9 is available on YouTube and on Facebook.

#Dearcoronavirus is a positive message of hope being shared around the world in multiple languages. The videos are now translated and are being shared in more than 60 countries. Thank you for spreading this positive message far and wide.

Thanks also to the GAiN Europe leadership team for developing these messages of hope. Our key production team this week was led by our European network with ADRA Europe, EUD and TED.

Hashtags: #dearcoronavirus, #CaringTogether, #goodgoesviral and #IamNotAlone

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