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Different generations come together in acts of love for others :Adventist News Online

Different generations come together in acts of love for others

Jun 13, 2020  |  Belo Horizonte, Brazil  | 

Different generations come together in acts of love for others

In contexts of social, digital, and technological changes, relating across generations can sometimes be a challenge. However, when the theme is solidarity, thoughts and attitudes seem to converge to the biblical commandment that advises us to love God and neighbors as yourself.

It was with their minds on this principle that the youth of the Adventist Church of Lagoinha, in Belo Horizonte, joined with volunteers from the Adventist Solidarity Action (ASA)  to provide for the hungry people on the streets. Young people collected food and women prepared meals.

After the lunch boxes were finished, the youth distributed the food, juice, blankets, and pamphlets with biblical messages.

The following night, members of the Women’s Ministry and the ASA of the Adventist church in the Letícia neighborhood went to the front of the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of Venda Nova to distribute cassava broth to the houseless.

Experiences that stand out

“A boy came and took three broths, then asked if we had a glass with a lid, because he would like to take it to eat, since the next day he would have nothing to eat at work. We prayed with him, got a bowl and added the broth. With that I realized how much people are in need. Many have nothing to eat today or even in the next few days,” explained Maria Aparecida Soares, 58 years old.

“What struck me was that one of the young women cried a lot and asked us to pray with her. That part was very moving. Another thing is that they took the food and still said they were going to take it to the others. They shared what they had. I realized that there is no selfishness among them; each one thinks about the other,” pointed out Kamylla Vieira, 17 years old.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site



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