Digital Evangelism Series Sets New Paradigm For The Church in Jamaica


November 22, 2020

Kingston, Jamaica…Phillip Castell/JAMU/IAD News Staff |
More than 385 persons were baptized during the first ever island-wide digital evangelism series led by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica. Themed Let’s Talk About Him (LTAH), the series, which focused on following Jesus, was broadcasted from Kingston, was held from October 3-24, 2020, and was a collaborative effort of administrators, directors and pastors of the union headquarters, conference and churches on the island.

The online evangelism series involved prayer intercessors, singers, musicians and was driven by a gifted and dedicated team of technical personnel who facilitated the broadcast across all social media and communication platforms in all five conferences including the church’s owned and operated Northern Caribbean University (NCU) television and radio station. It was also broadcast live on Bless TV, a cable TV channel operated by a Seventh-day Adventist, which was able to further channel the broadcast via another 13 cable stations.

Evangelist and Speaker of the Series Pastor Dane Fletcher, delivered 26 Bible-based sermons during the period amidst a curfew imposed by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus for which an exemption was granted by the government to facilitate the series. Pastor Omar Oliphant  was the co-evangelist and host of the Series was.

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