Dozens of people baptized in Argentina in online missionary campaign :Adventist News Online


D uring the campaign A voice of hope from August 15-22, Ester Brítez offered her testimony. Brítez, along with her daughters Aylén and Alma, decided days before the series, to give her life to God through baptism.

“We are very happy for the decision we made,” she expresses. And her decision had an even greater impact: Her father and sister also decided to study the Word of God.

Stories like Brítez’s were repeated throughout Argentina by families in crisis, extreme health situations, toxic relationships, and with lack of love and faith in God. There are countless events that lead human beings to hear again a voice that provides hope and comfort in complex moments like the ones we are living through this year.

In the eight programs of the A Voice of Hope series, dozens of people decided to give their lives to God through baptism, just as Brítez did. Following all the health and safety protocols, on Saturday, August 22, in various regions of Argentina, 80 people were baptized.

Hundreds of messages with the phrase “I accept” arrived through the social networks of Nuevo Tiempo Argentina and WhatsApp in a request to participate in Bible studies. In addition, about 120 Facebook pages broadcast the programming organized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Argentina.

Through the message of Pastor Bruno Raso, who is serving as vice president of the Adventist Church in South America, the families found a reason to continue fighting and believing in an all-powerful God, who is capable of embracing each of us and offering hope.

God will continue to build roads and restore lives so that, together, the church will continue to be a voice of hope for those in need of Jesus.

Adventist churches across South America are now looking forward to the Week of Hope, taking place on official digital platforms from September 19-26. This is a special week in which the Seventh-day Adventist Church presents itself as A Voice of Hope to offer special messages and hope for all people as we continue facing this terrible coronavirus pandemic.


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