‘Emerging Talent’ starts new role at Adventist News Online

‘Emerging Talent’ starts new role at Adventist News Online

Adventist Media has appointed Maryellen Fairfax as an assistant editor for Adventist News Online and a maternity cover for Maritza Brunt, who has been in the role for three years.

Ms Fairfax is familiar to the team at Adventist Media, most recently working with them as a panellist for Mums at the Table TV show and a co-host for I AM, a young adult centred, apologetics video series. She completed a week of high school work experience with the Adventist News Online team in 2012 and is excited about working with the team once more.

“Working at a magazine has been a dream of mine for some time, but to be able to do that in an Adventist environment is the best!” said Ms Fairfax. “I know the team and I think they’re fantastic.”

Ms Fairfax is in her final year of studying a double degree Bachelor of Arts and Law with a major in Media. She recently received an award at the 2019 Christian Media & Arts Australia conference in the “Emerging Talent” category.

“It’s great to have this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working somewhere I can help spread our Church messages effectively and improve my skill sets while still doing ministry,” Ms Fairfax said.

Although she lives in Sydney, Ms Fairfax has also helped the WA Conference communication department, as well as doing graphic design projects at her local church.

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