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Family finds message of hope for New Time


T uning in to a local radio station usually provides an update on the news, or perhaps a few songs to help the workday move along. But for one family in Ecuador, listening to a Seventh-day Adventist radio station would change their lives—and for the better. 

Jenny and Carlos Alvarado wanted to find a message of hope for their family. They called Radio Nuevo Tiempo and signed up for the free New Time Ecuador Bible School where they found Bible truths that led them to give their lives to Jesus.

At the end of their Bible study the Alvardos made two decisions: strengthening their married life and being baptized. However, they longed for their children to also know Jesus. So, they did not hesitate to request Bible studies for their children.

With Radio Nuevo Tiempo, the youngest of the home also had the opportunity to learn about the great love of Jesus through the series of the Bible study “I Believe,” which contains eight lessons from the Bible. The children’s educational material is provided by the Seventh-day Adventist Church .

Luis Ibarra, who leads the Nuevo Tiempo Bible School in Ecuador, said: “The whole family is happy and the children also want to invite their friends to study the Bible. We are surprised by how the radio can reach everyone without exception.” For their part, the family expresses how happy they are to have tuned in to the radio at the time they needed it most.

Nuevo Tiempo is broadcast in Ecuador on the radio on the dials 92.1 FM in the city of Quito, 97.3 FM in Guayaquil and 98.1 FM in Tulcán, the country’s border city. Also on television, and has a presence on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.





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