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Feliz7Play launches Brazil’s first Christian music web series :: Adventist News Network :Adventist News Online

Feliz7Play launches Brazil

Jul 07, 2020  |  São Paulo, Brazil  | 

Feliz7Play launches Brazil's first Christian music web series

With a lot of music, the webseries brings up challenges of the Christian life. [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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Blending drama, music, and faith, a new video web series asks and answers the spiritual question of how Christian living applies to daily life.

Bequadro (“Natural”) is the latest addition to the Feliz7Play programming catalog, an original production from the Adventist Church’s video aggregating platform. Set in an Adventist boarding school, it tells the journey of a musical group and its conductor, both with little prestige. In the struggle to be recognized, they forget spirituality and Christ, the primary reason they sing. This is the first Brazilian web series to join music and Christian living in a dramatic context.

The production also portrays the lives of two completely different characters who have just arrived at the boarding school. One of them is Rodrigo, former singer of a rock band; and Vivi, daughter of a very traditional pastor. As part of the musical group, everyone grows together in the personal and spiritual life, joining forces in the face of the difficulties of student life.

The recordings took place at the Adventist University Center of São Paulo  (Unasp), Engenheiro Coelho campus, and were attended by students and employees of the institution. One of them is the musician Dynan Melo, who, in addition to portraying “Edson,” a character in the series,  was also its musical producer.

For Melo, it was an opportunity freighted with responsibility. “However, it was very pleasant for me. I had little time to reach the final result, but I felt God’s hand guiding [the project] all the time. I just [have] gratitude,” he highlights.

Bequadro is also an initiative of the Adventist Church’s Youth Ministry. The first episode aired July 3, on feliz7play.comand the Feliz7Play app.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site



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