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Field School for Youth held at Aydar Sanatorium :Adventist News Online


I n mid-August, a field school for youth took place at Aydar Sanatorium in Russia. Led by a team from the sanatorium the event included six instructors teaching eight students. Anatoly Kulikov taught “God’s Healing Program,” Evgeny Vashchinin covered “God Calls You,” “A Beautiful Way,” and “Righteousness by Faith in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.” Sergey Kulikov taught occupational therapy and sports; Anastasia Zavyalova did First Aid, Dmitry Kulikov covered massage, and Anatoly Figol led a course called “Healing Service.”

The program included training and relaxation, jogging, swimming in the Aydar River, teaching massage, delicious meals, companionship and work, donkey riding, horizontal bars and push-ups, sweet sleep and early awakening!

Each new day gave the students a vision of both spiritual and real life with God, as they learned to walk with God in everything, like Enoch. They began to rewrite the Holy Scriptures, and to keep a diary of their personal spiritual life. Those in attendance received a vision of God’s enterprise in the countryside, which has become a corner of paradise thanks to the painstaking daily work of the entire team of the Aydar Sanatorium.

While there, the group befriended a group of vacationers also staying at the sanatorium. One woman, an elementary school teacher, heard the questions of the youngest participant of the Field School (age nine), and said that even a modern teacher does not have the knowledge that this young man had.

On Friday and Saturday, four people from among the vacationers in the sanatorium were present at the solemn services and enjoyed wonderful fellowship with the field school participants. They believe that the Lord worked his miracles of salvation on those days.

On their way home, the field school students traveled with a young woman who had been on a personal retreat at the sanatorium. She had been there twice before and admired how the New Start (8 Health Principles) program really helps. The woman works as a manager in Kharkov, and her constant desire is to come back to the sanatorium. At home she tries to live as taught in the Aydar sanatorium. The group prayed and talked with her, and by the end of the trip she expressed interest in attending church with them.

“We have seen many miracles and experiences in ministry, work, and in everyday affairs and this inspired us to continue a wonderful life with God,” says Evgeny Vashchinin, pastor of the field school. 

From October 4, 2020, a month-long intensive course of the medical missionary school (MMsch) begins at the Aydar Sanatorium. It will teach under the MMSh program, and will also present the principles of life and ministry in rural areas theoretically and based on the experience of the sanatorium team.

Vashchinin adds, “We thank the entire team of the sanatorium for the invitation to live, serve, and work together at this Field School.”





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