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Fire destroys dormitories of Mauya Adventist secondary school in Zimbabwe


The estimated damage, which displaced 88 students, is close to $18,000.

July 08, 2016

Nkosilathi Khumalo, Zimbabwe Union Conference/ANN Staff

Fire destroys dormitories of Mauya Adventist secondary school in Zimbabwe

An outside view of the fire-ravaged girls’ dormitory at the Mauya Adventist Secondary School. (ZUC)

Eighty-eight female primary school students of the Mauya Adventist secondary school in Karoi, Zimbabwe, lost blankets, school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, stationary and other personal items, due to a raging fire that reduced their dormitory to rubble on the June 29. The estimated damage is close to $18,000 (USD).

The school is still investigating the cause of the fire.

“We thank God we were at study in the school dining hall and so no lives were lost,” said Farukai Mbiriri, education director of the North Zimbabwe conference of Seventh-day Adventists, “the building needs immediate renovation as recommended by engineers and it may cost approximately US$12,000”.    

Mbiriri went on to say, “the girls are in a desperate situation given the fact that most parents are even struggling to raise school fees. The cold winter in Zimbabwe makes the situation even more desperate.”     

The students whose dormitories were not destroyed volunteered to share their single beds, blankets and linen with their peers. The fellow students have also appealed to school authorities to not send their peers back home.

Since the school will close for vacation on August 3, it would be critical for renovation to take place before it reopens on September 5. 

To help provide affected children with blankets and clothes, the North Zimbabwe conference has mobilized donations from local Church members. The conference has asked those who can help do so as early as possible, as this is winter in the region.   

Leaders are also seeking volunteers who can assist with conducting the renovations, under the supervision of a volunteer engineer. 

For more information, contact Farukai  Mbiriri:
Email:  mbiririf(at)nzc.adventist(dot)org
Tel:      +263774 073 283)

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