Foundation opens center for mothers and children in Korea

Jul 25, 2017
Chungju, Korea

Foundation opens center for mothers and children in Korea

[photo courtesy of the North Asia-Pacific Division]

The Hiranuma & Hayashi Foundation, a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that focuses on mission work, welfare and cultural work, opened the “Cheon Ae Garden,” in Chungju, Korea on June 3. The center will provide a safe place for women and children, who are in need, to live. Up to seven mothers can stay in the center, which is equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and playroom. 

About 200 guests attended the dedication service, led by Kil Soo Um, president of the Korean Publishing House Sijosa. Visitors included local community leaders such as Seop Oh Jin, deputy mayor of Chungju and Adventist church leaders such as Yang Hee Shin, secretary of the Adventist church in Korea, and Suk Hee Han, communication director for the Adventist church in the Northern Asia-Pacific territory. Many church members also came to celebrate the project completion.

Founder of the Hiranuma & Hayashi Foundation, Kyu Yoon Seung, established a branch office in Korea on April 2015 and the foundation headquarters in Japan a month earlier. She also donated her entire property to the foundation. The foundation’s goal is to heal people and help them search for the true value of life.

“Foundation projects are planned following what Jesus said in Matthew 10:8—‘Freely you have received, freely give,’ said Chun Lee Bong, a representative of the Hiranuma & Hayashi Foundation. “We will do our best to help the underprivileged and poor neighbors, such as orphans, single mothers, and elderly people living alone, to improve their lives so that Christ’s love and His gospel can be delivered to them.”

Chang Soo Huh, president of the Adventist church in the Middle West Korea territory, preached the dedication sermon at the service. “Jesus came to earth to save people who were destined to die,” Huh said. “This garden is a place to reflect on the love of Jesus. I hope that the wounded soul will be healed and that the sound of laughter and joy will always fill the garden.”

In his celebration remarks, Shin congratulated the foundation leaders for their donations for evangelism initiatives in Africa. Through their donations, hundreds of thousands of copies of books by Adventist Church co-founder Ellen G. White were sent to Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

“The Hiranuma & Hayashi Foundation has supported various missionary organizations, such as the 1000 Missionary Movement,” said Shin. “I was very glad to hear that they established Cheon Ae Garden, and will begin welfare work for single moms and their children.”

Church leaders are glad that the center will meet a great need in the area. “Through Cheon Ae Garden, those who are hungry will be fed, those who are displaced will have a place to dwell, and those who are wounded will be soothed,” they said.

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