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Full list of elected and appointed officials from Annual Council


Full list of elected and appointed officials from Annual Council

Newly elected/appointed Church officials.
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New directors are elected for the Church’s Planned Giving and Trust Services and Stewardship ministries.

October 15, 2015


Silver Spring, Maryland, United States


ANN Staff

During the 2015 Annual Council, members of the Executive Committee elected and appointed remaining ministry leadership positions that weren’t filled during General Conference Session in July. Members also filled recently vacated associate director positions in the Church’s communication department.

Elected Positions


Planned Giving and Trust Services:

·      Director: Dennis R. Carlson, who previously served as director of Planned Giving and Trust Services for the Washington Conference. Carlson replaces Gary W. Dodge who held the position since 2011.

·      Associate Director: Charles B. Simpson (re-elected)

·      The second associate position remains unfilled. 

Stewardship Ministries:

·      Director: Marcos Faiock Bomfim, who previously served as director of Stewardship Ministries for the Adventist Church in South America. Bomfim replaces Erika Puni, who held the position since 2005.

·      Two associate directors positions remain unfilled.

Communication Department:

·      Associate Director: Tanya Holland, who previously served as design manager for the department will take the place of Garrett Caldwell, who recently accepted the position of executive director of public affairs for Loma Linda University Health.

·      Associate Director: Sam Neves, associate pastor from Watford, England, and leader of the development team behind the “Heroes the Game,” Bible trivia app, will replace André Brink, who was appointed as associate editor of digital production for the Adventist Review and Adventist World Magazines. 

Appointed Positions


Biblical Research Institute:

·      Director: Elias Brasil de Souza, who will serve as the director for the Biblical Research Institute. He replaces Artur Stele who held the position for five years and was also elected to a second five-year term as a general vice president of the Adventist world church at the General Conference Session last July. De Souza previously served BRI as associate director since 2012.

·      Associate Directors: Frank Hasel, Kwabena Donkor (re-appointed), Ekkehardt Mueller (re-appointed), and Clinton L. Wahlen  (re-appointed)

Geoscience Research Institute:

·      Director: James Gibson (re-appointed)

·      Associate Directors: Benjamin Clausen (re-appointed), Raúl Esperante (re-appointed), Ronald Nalin (re-appointed), Tim Standish (re-appointed)

Health Ministries:

·      Honorary Associate Directors: Carlos Fayard, Allan R. Handysides (re-appointed), Daniel W. Giang (re-appointed), Gary L. Hopkins (re-appointed), Craig R. Jackson (re-appointed), Patricia S. Jones (re-appointed), Doyle R. Nick (re-appointed), Tricia Y. Penniecook (re-appointed), Albert Reece (re-appointed), David R. Williams (re-appointed)

·      Honorary Assistant Director:  Viriato Ferreira

Office of Archives, Statistics and Research:

·      Director: David Trim (re-appointed)

Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists, which is a new collaborative initiative between the Office of Archives and Statistics and the Adventist Review to create the authoritative source about the Seventh-day Adventist Church:

·      Editor: David Trim

Adventist Review/Adventist World:

·      Editor-in-Chief/Executive publisher: Bill Knott (re-appointed)

·      Associate Editors: Gerald Klingbeil (re-appointed) Lael Caesar (re-appointed), and André Brink, newly appointed as associate editor for digital media.

Dialogue Magazine:

·      Editor: Lisa Beardsley-Hardy (re-appointed)

·      Associate Editors: John Fowler (re-appointed) and John Wesley-Taylor (re-appointed).

Elder’s Digest Magazine:

·      Editor:  Jonas Arrais (re-appointed)

Ministry Magazine:

·      Editor: Derek Morris (re-appointed)

·      Associate Editor: Willie Hucks II (re-appointed)

Adult Bible Study Guide:

·      Editor: Cliff Goldstein (re-appointed)

·      Associate Editor: Soraya Homayouni (re-appointed) 

Collegiate Quarterly Bible Study Guide:

·      Editor: Bonita Shields (re-appointed)

Cornerstone Connections, and Powerpoints Bible Study Guide:

·      Editor: Andrea Nagy (re-appointed)

Beginners, Kindergarten, and Primary Sabbath School Bible Study Guides:

·      Editor: Falvo Fowler (re-appointed)

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