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Global Public Campus Ministries weekend to take center stage


October 19, 2018
/ Miami, Florida, United States
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Seventh-day Adventist university students who study in public campuses around the world will take part in a special weekend event coined as Global Public Campus Ministries (PCM) Weekend, October 19-21, 2018.

The Global PCM Weekend aims to connect and involve students, academic and professionals in mission and service in their universities, home churches, and communities. It is the third such joint event organized by PCM Ministries around the world church.

“We trust that our university students as ambassadors of God in public university this weekend will be able to impact these campuses where secularism fills the environment,” said Jiwan Moon, PCM director for the Adventist world church. “I know that our students will move as Daniel did in the past by testifying and sharing the truth about God Who is above all that happens in this world.”

The weekend will include a Friday evening activity on the university campus, then Sabbath morning a worship celebration set for the non-Adventist friends who will attend and Sunday students and professionals will take part in a special project to benefit the community.

The weekend is about finding ways to connect with fellow students and engage them in church worship and fellowship empowering them to follow Jesus, embrace His mission to serve the needs in their communities, thus changing the world, said Moon.

A special 24-hour live broadcast will be transmitted on Hope Channel, starting on Friday, Oct. 19 at 7:00pm to Saturday, Oct 21 at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Special worship services will be broadcast live from around the world starting in Fiji, England, Beirut, Bangladesh, Philippines, Panama, and more, where university students and professionals will gather to worship and talk about the importance of campus ministries and projects completed.

The program will let university students know that they are valued and that God has a mission and a purpose for them as messengers of the cross in places where they live, said Moon.

 “This weekend will be a reinforcement of our growing ministry across our 24 unions,” said Hiram Ruiz, PCM director for the church in Inter-America. “We are convinced that Adventist students do not go to public universities only to prepare for their careers but to share the good news to those around them and to get ready for eternity.”

“Global PCM Weekend will remind our students and professionals across Inter-America that it is not about setting themselves aside like under a blanket but becoming proactively involved in establishing a center of influence on campus and reaching out to the needs of the community,” Ruiz said.

To view the Global PCM Weekend’s live broadcast, visit hopetv.org

Facebook Page: sdapcm
Website: pcm.adventist.org
Official Hashtag: #PCM18

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