God gives 50,000 Euros in 10 minutes


It was a tough first year at the Seventh-day Adventist college in Spain.

Dante Marvin Herrmann used up the last of his savings to pay the annual tuition of about 5,000 euros. Between classes, he worked to earn another 5,000 euros to provide for his wife and two young sons.

Now he faced a long summer away from home, working as a literature evangelist to raise money to pay for his second year of studies.

Dante didn’t mind the hard work, but he hadn’t enrolled at Sagunto Adventist College to sell books.

After fiercely arguing with God for several years, he had surrendered to the conviction that God, speaking with a still, small voice, was calling him to become a pastor. So, rather than sell books, he wanted to spend the summer traveling from church to church, telling his story about how a drug-addicted, tattoo-covered German raised in the Canary Islands had become an Adventist.

Dante needed to talk to God about the money matter.

With little privacy at home, he made his way to his favorite place of quiet solitude — the bathroom — and locked the door. Kneeling, he poured out his heart to God.

“Daddy, the first year has finished. I received top marks in my classes, and I see that You have called me here,” he said.

Dante always addressed God as “Daddy” in his personal prayers.

“Daddy, I know You provide scholarships to some students,” he said. “Please help me because I don’t want to work as literature evangelist with a focus on earning money. I want to preach Jesus. I need freedom to preach. I don’t have any money after using up my savings. Daddy, please help me.”

Dante paused, and he sensed a still, small voice replying from within him.

“How much do you need?” the voice asked.


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