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God Spoke on TV
Jul 09, 2020  |  New Zealand  | 

God Spoke on TV

Adelaide’s world turned upside-down when her partner died in 2011. In 2014, she suffered another blow when she lost her father. She began wondering where God was in her life and had questions about what had become of her partner and father after their deaths.

One day, while Adelaide was flicking through the channels on TV, she stumbled upon Hope Channel. She had never heard of Hope Channel before, and she decided to watch a few minutes to see what it was all about. She was instantly hooked.

“I just thought, Wow!” Adelaide says. “I was amazed because questions that I had on my mind were being answered more or less when I switched the channel on. It got to the point where I would tell my daughters, ‘Hey, remember that question I just asked about God? Guess what? It’s just been answered. You have to come and see!’” 

Hope Channel soon became the only TV Adelaide and her girls were watching.

After viewing Hope Channel for some time, Adelaide wanted to visit an Adventist church. But the family was a little nervous about walking into a building full of strangers.

“I stalked the church for three months while I was having Sabbath at home with Hope Channel!” Adelaide confesses with a giggle. A couple of times, they drove to the church and then went around the block and drove home again. “The third time we came, we were all dressed up and prepared. We took a deep breath outside the door, and we just said, ‘All right, let’s do this.’ Then we walked through the door, and we came in and sat down. And it just felt like home.”

Garry Hallmond is the pastor of the church Adelaide and her daughters began attending. 


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