Graduate Student at SYU Accepts Jesus through Science-Religion Course :Adventist News Online

Graduate Student at SYU Accepts Jesus through Science-Religion Course :Adventist News Online

A graduate student in the Department of Convergence Science at Sahmyook University was baptized on January 30, 2021. He decided to be baptized after finding the truth while taking a course called Science in the Bible, which was provided as part of the university’s learning program Biblical Foundation of Faith and Learning (BFFL).

Choi TaeYang, who graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Sahmyook University in February 2018, returned to his alma mater’s graduate school in March 2020 and entered the master’s and doctoral program in computer science. As an undergraduate, he had heard of the Adventist faith and the biblical truth while participating in chapels, Sabbath School events, and various subjects on Christianity, but he was not very interested in it at that time.

After entering graduate school, the course Science in the Bible became a turning point. The course is a BFFL curriculum for natural science majors. While taking the course, students from different natural science majors study together, discuss, and explore various issues surrounding science from a religious point of view. 

Choi was in charge of the final presentation for this course, and the title of his presentation was, “The History of Conflict Between Religion and Science,” which covered what they had dealt with in the class. While preparing for his presentation, Choi investigated the relationship between science and religion. Through this, he found out that faith and science were not at odds; rather, they could be connected and move together on a unified path of truth. 

Afterward, determined to take a step further in faith, Choi studied the Bible with the senior pastor in charge of the youth group at Sahmyook University. Choi realized the love of Christ and accepted him by baptism.


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