Hackney’s Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Emphasis Day

Hackney's Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Emphasis Day

9th May 2019

Hackney Adventist church held its Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Emphasis Day to a packed congregation on Sabbath 27 April 2019. Invited were guest speakers from Advent RLP – a body who provide critical religio-legal analysis on current events and legislature that impact on religious freedom for all people in the United Kingdom and Europe.

In his presentation of the lesson study When Alone Hackney’s minister, Pastor Joojo Bonnie, gave some practical tips on how to 84977build healthy relationships firstly with God and then with others. He said: “Whatever status we find ourselves in (married, widowed, single) God wants us to be happy and in healthy relationships. He created us to be in relationship (partnership) with Him first and from creation it has always been His desire for man to not be alone.” When touching upon the subject of death, Pastor Bonnie said: “God has given us the hope, through the resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ of one day being reunited with all our loved ones again.”

Sabbath School guest speaker, Gina Abbequaye, addressed the subject of Fundamental British Values and Faith Schools. Mrs 84976Abbequaye, who is the South England Conference (SEC) Education director and Headteacher for Hyland House School shared some of the issues which are impacting upon schools at government level. She said, “The government’s Fundamental British Values focus on four areas: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. Taken at face value, there are no issues in teaching these in schools. Issues tend to only arise where there are direct or in some cases indirect conflicts of interest relating to the religious belief and liberty of those who follow a particular faith-based religion.”


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