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Historic baptism caravan in the Cuyo region of Argentina


A t the closing of the A Voice of Hope evangelism campaign, the Adventist churches of the Cuyo region of Argentina experienced a very special and exciting Sabbath.

The week began with baptismal ceremonies held in the city of General Alvear, on Saturday, August 15, with baptisms performed by Pastor Matías Nieto. Providentially, Pastor Nieto had moved forward the baptismal ceremonies he had planned for Saturday, August 22, and was able to baptize six people, because on Friday, August 21, the municipality ordered mandatory quarantine and the closure of churches, which would have prevented the planned baptisms from taking place. However, God led his minister to baptize people on time.

On Friday, August 21, in Ugarteche, Mendoza’s Uco Valley region, Pastor Samuel Hengen baptized Diego Armando Maraza at his own home. There were moments of great emotion in Maraza’s home when he and his wife gave their lives to Christ in the courtyard of their house. The pandemic did not stop the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the Marazas.

Early on Saturday, August 22, in Gutiérrez, Mendoza, María Matus was baptized by pastor Marcelo Coronel. The ceremony was attended via videoconference by Pastor Iván Rosales from the Adventist Church in Argentina, and Pastor Herbert Boger from the South American Adventist headquarters, who gave a message of encouragement to those present.

In the afternoon, the Adventist administrative headquarters in the Central West of the country, under the leadership of Pastor Gabriel Cevasco and Valeria and Gustavo Gueico, made a special broadcast in which several baptisms were live streamed. It was an exciting afternoon. In virtual attendance was the president of the Adventist Church in Argentina, Pastor Darío Caviglione, as well as Pastor Bruno Raso, vice president of the Adventist South American headquarters.

The reaction of the church witnessing the baptisms live after several months without being able to be celebrated due to the pandemic was one of joy, gratitude to God, tears of emotion, and renewed commitment to continue preaching the Word in this complex global context.

Conclusion of the event

The week ended for the Cuyo region with eighteen people baptized and almost one hundred who had requested to study the Bible. 

The church in the Central West region of the country actively promoted the A Voice of Hope campaign, using social networks to publish videos inviting the reading and study of the Bible. God used all the means his church had available to reach more people with the message of hope.

The provinces of San Juan and La Rioja will wait a little longer to carry out the baptismal ceremonies for the many people who have requested baptism.

Pastor Cevasco encouraged the churches to continue sharing hope and to prepare for the month of September to live a Week of Hope, praying that many people will give themselves to God.





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