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Young Moldova Adventists host NEWSTART health expo

City residents request more health programs in the futureNovember 14, 2018 / Tiraspol, Moldova / Natalya Belyavskaya Every year on October 14, Tiraspol, Moldova residents...

Inter-America’s annual Bible Competition finalists to compete in Belize

November 14, 2018 / Miami, Florida, United States / Libna Stevens/IAD846190258 Young finalists representing Inter-America’s 24 major church territories will compete one last time during...

Just switch out their protein for Reliv! #vegan #vegetarian

Use vegan parm or no parm ... This is a gluten free and vegetarian casserole recipe that will knock your socks off. Source link

Adventisten in Nordamerika stellen Abgabenhöhe an Weltkirchenleitung infrage

(lifePR) (Silver Spring, Maryland/USA, 09.11.18) Auf der Jahresendsitzung der teilkontinentalen Kirchenleitung der Siebenten-Tags ... Source link

Adventist Church in UK and Ireland | National Site

8th November 2018 On Sabbath 27 October, Pastor Derek Morris, known to thousands across the globe as the host of Hope Sabbath School, and the...