How Deep is the Father’s Love?

How Deep is the Father's Love?

26th June 2019

As the UK celebrated Father’s Day, Hackney’s Sabbath School department also paid tribute to the fathers in the church on Sabbath 15th June. Sabbath School Superintendent, Maria Vinas and her assistants gave out gifts to all the fathers present, in appreciation of all the hard work they do at home, work and in the community. A well-acted dramatization of the Biblical story of the Prodigal son then took place, demonstrating how deep the father’s love is for all of his children.

The guest speaker – Tristan Cuniah, addressed the topic of Daniel 2 Prophecy and the Brexit Crisis. He said: “There is only a divine solution to the crisis in our world today. Knowledge increases prophetically and technologically. The sons of Issachar recognized the temper of the times.” Elder Cuniah, First Elder at Hackney’s sister church – Wood Green Community SDA, then gave an interesting presentation on the fulfillment of the Daniel 2 prophecy as being played out in the current Brexit crisis. In light of all that is going on in the country and further afield, Elder Cuniah encouraged church members “to hold on and not lose hope as Jesus is soon to come.”  

During the afternoon AYS programme, members were involved in a song writing workshop led by Praise and Worship leader, Joan Reid. “When writing a song, it should be based on your natural surroundings and personal experiences,” she said.


Church members were then split into 3 groups where they were given a theme to brainstorm ideas and then write a song about. The themes were faith, victory and struggle and once completed, the members were given an opportunity to both practice and then perform to the others.

[Darell J. Philip]


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