I Will Go Reach the World!


Greetings, friends! It is amazing how quickly time is passing, and we are already into the second month of 2021. Events around us are moving fast, reminding us every day that we are coming closer to the Lord’s soon return! 

And while we have the wonderful hope of soon seeing Jesus face to face, we must remember there are so many others in the world today who do not yet have this hope—people who are frightened by what they see happening around them, people who are wondering what the future holds but do not know where to find trustworthy answers. Others may have known the truth at one time but have since left the faith.

In Luke 15, we read the well-known trio of parables dealing with the lost—the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. In the case of the lost sheep, the sheep knows it is lost, but doesn’t know how to find its way home. Of course, the coin doesn’t know it is lost, but it is still of great value and there is rejoicing when it is found. And the lost son is the most poignant story of all—a loved son who wanders far away but is drawn back home by his father’s love.

God has given you and me the amazing privilege at this very time of reaching lost souls for Him, and He does not ask us to do this alone! In the marvelous book, Christian Service, we read, “Heavenly angels have long been waiting for human agents—the members of the church—to cooperate with them in the great work to be done. They are waiting for you.” (p. 89).

What an amazing opportunity! Christ has commissioned His mighty angels to work with us in reaching souls for Him!

To help bring focus to this important work, the world church has designated this coming Sabbath, February 6, as “Reach the World: Personal Outreach Day.” Organized by the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department of the General Conference, this day reminds us of the amazing impact we can have as individuals, through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, in reaching others for Him. Many helpful materials have been prepared for this special day, and I invite you to visit the website indicated at the bottom of the screen to download these free materials [https://www.sabbathschoolpersonalministries.org/special-sabbaths].


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