“If I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil, because You are with me …”


2 020 has brought serious changes to the whole world. The most unpleasant changes and problems happened in the lives of those who directly faced the new coronavirus infection.

If in the spring we heard about the disease as something distant and unknown, and sick people in our area were a rarity, then autumn has already brought a large and sad harvest of victims due to the insidious virus. But, thank God, he hears our prayers and supports his people.

Today we would like to present two stories of healing – two answers of God to the prayers of the church. And may they support those who are struggling with the disease today, and may all of us be encouraged to continue to pray and help as much as we can all those suffering from a serious illness.

“I was looking for peace with God, trusting everything to him”

“When the threat of the spread of the coronavirus just appeared, I thought that if I get sick, I’ll hardly survive. Although I am not 65 years old, my body, to put it mildly, is not particularly strong. In addition, I was worried about my spouse; she has a bad heart, and this is also a risk factor.

And so it happened: I began to feel symptoms. On Saturday evening, October 3, my temperature rose above 37°C (98.6 F). On Sunday morning, the baptismal candidates had to be canceled for the afternoon. My temperature was rising, already on Monday I began to struggle to breathe and had to call an ambulance.

From that moment on, we went into self-isolation; the members of the Salsk community church praying for and helping us in every possible way, buying food and medicine and bringing them to our home. My temperature stayed below 39°C (102 F), so I still hoped it was not COVID. But the ambulance nurse assured me that it was. Soon I had to call an ambulance for my wife, who had also begun to struggle to breathe. Her temperature rose above 39 C (102 F) and could not be reduced.


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