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In Germany, Adventists offer hope in response to Munich attack


In Germany, Adventists offer hope in response to Munich attack

The Adventist congregation in Munich-Waldfrieden hosted a memorial service on July 24 for the victims of the Olympia Mall attack. [Photo: Inter-European Division]

Leaders call for churches in Germany to be places of refuge for affected families.

July 25, 2016


Bern, Switzerland


APD, CD-EUDNews / ANN Staff

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany responded to the tragic attack that occurred on Friday, July 22, when an 18-year-old German-Iranian student opened fire in front of the Olympia Mall in Munich-Moosach, killing nine people, and injuring 35. Most of the victims were teenagers.

After the attack, an Adventist congregation in Munich-Waldfrieden canceled its celebration service for the church’s fifth anniversary, and instead hosted a memorial service for the victims. 

During the service, the church’s pastor, Miodrag Jovanovic, called on members to keep believing in good in spite of all the evil in the world. Jovanovic also highlighted the excellent work of the police and Germany citizens who are helping their fellow residents. Finally, Jovanovic called for the audience to be “messengers of comfort and confidence.” 

“As Adventists in Bayern we were surprised by the attack of yesterday evening, just like all other citizens in Munich,” said Wolfgan Dorn, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bavaria. 

“We are concerned about the development of violence and terror in our country. As Adventist believers, we want our churches to be places of refuge for the weak and for the suffering. Our churches should be a safe place for people who are longing for protection and security and who live in areas affected by sin and suffering,” said Dorn. 

On his Facebook page, Adventist World President Ted Wilson called for members to pray for families who lost loved ones.

“The world is definitely becoming more and more insecure by the day. We are reminded that we are living in the end time,” said Wilson. “What a time to proclaim the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, pointing to the great hope we have in salvation through the righteousness of Christ and in His soon second coming.

The headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-Europe also released a statement petitioning prayers for peace. 

“We mourn the death of boys and girls, Germans and foreigners, Christians and Muslims. Never should a father see the death of his children. Never should a mother mourn the loss her offspring. We pray for an end of hatred and violence. May God console the hearts of all those who were involved in this tragedy. Let us stand up for love and reconciliation. Let us come together, in deep harmony.”

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