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In one year Radio Novo Tempo offered nearly 7000 Bible studies


Broadcaster influencers listeners live in eight South American countries

February 20, 2018

Thays Silva, Radio Novo Tempo

In one year Radio Novo Tempo offered nearly 7000 Bible studies

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Started in the 19th century, radio started to carry voice and music through electromagnetic waves. It arrived in Brazil in the 1920s, and in 1989 the Adventist Church inaugurated the first New Time Radio in Brazil, in the city of Afonso Cláudio, Espírito Santo. Since then, the station has changed the lives of millions of people by presenting Christ and the hope of his brief return. 

Today, at the age of 24, Luanna Mascherin has a relationship with radio that began in her childhood. Her mother’s radio was always on, listening to news and music. At the age of 18, Luanna started participating in the Open Code program of the local Radio Novo Tempo.  

"It was there that I discovered what I wanted for my life: radio journalism," reveals the announcer, who also tells how she ends up creating intimacy with the listeners. "Little by little we get acquainted and start talking to them directly, because you know that Mrs. Maria is doing dishes, that Suzana is arranging the children, that Fabio is driving the truck, etc. And the radio gets you close enough to people.” 

Daily Company 

This closeness is felt by the listener Agda Campos, who lives in Paraná, Brazil. Retired since 2015, she set up a special room and from there she listens to Rádio Novo Tempo daily. "The day begins and I already have a good company,” says Agda. “I always feel welcomed, because I realize that it has an accompaniment, a good service. I am not an Adventist, but I am always connected in the newspapers and programs with Bible teaching because the studies of New Time are wonderful.” 

Agda also shared she admires the broadcaster’s principles. "I realize the essence of everything that is preached on the radio. There is a concern for people, the environment, and health. I have my entertainment, but I already have my certain hours to listen to the radio,” she adds.

With a programs that informs through journalism, offers educational material and teaches Biblical principles, Novo Tempo has 171 radios in eight South American countries, reaching up to 90 million people. Over the years, radio has been modernized to keep pace with technology and its audience. Therefore, it offers daily content on the internet, such as podcasts and live broadcasts. 

All around the world 

The station is part of Adventist World Radio and is one of the hundreds that the Adventist Church holds around the world. The message of hope reaches millions of people in several languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Ukrainian, English, German, Armenian and many others.


In the case of Novo Tempo, the proximity to the public is also reflected in social networks, such as Facebook, with 1.5 million followers, and YouTube, with 150,000 subscribers. According to the director of the Brazilian radio station, Jorge Rampogna, the main focus is to take teaching to the listeners. 

In 2017 more than 6,700 Bible studies offered. "Many people have been reached through radio, either by the traditional way or by digital platforms. We want to preach the Word and bring the message of hope so that more people know Jesus, "he says. 

For Rampogna, on World Radio Day, celebrated on February 13, the listener deserves the congratulations. "I thank our listeners for our everyday partnership. Listener of Rádio Novo Tempo is connected with us 24 hours a day and we are very grateful for this fidelity. This gives us assurance that our ministry is being fulfilled for the honor and glory of God. On World Radio Day, we want to embrace our listeners and also congratulate them on this special date,” he points out. 

To know the frequency of the broadcaster in your region or to follow the transmission via internet, go to novotempo.com/radio

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