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In Saratov, a holiday for couples


The Russian community invited couples and families not attending church to celebrate love.

February 26, 2018

Tatyana Prysyazhnyuk

In Saratov, a holiday for couples

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

On a frosty Saturday evening, couples from community No. 2, in Saratov, Russia, gathered together for a special outreach. Couples of every age, as well as families, who have not visited the church for a long time, came together to share the joy of Christian fellowship. It can be safely said that at this event, which took place on February 17, love was celebrated–the love of God for man, love between spouses, love in the church.

Guests were greeted with a thematically decorated room, a festive buffet, a bright photo zone, a tuned projector with karaoke songs, gifts, prizes, visual materials for contests and the competitions themselves.

The head of the Family Ministries department in the region, prepared a presentation of wedding photos of all the family couples of the community. It was especially interesting to look at wedding photos of couples who have been married 40 years or more. Looking at them, sitting in the hall, it was impossible not to admire their love and relationship.

This holiday was not just a way to have a good time in the circle of Christian communication, but also an occasion to invite couples who had not visited for a long time. All those present expressed their love for these families with loud, heartfelt applause.

The evening passed warmly, cheerfully and with everyone at ease. Spouses, looking into each other’s eyes, said words of love and gratitude to their other half, and they thanked God for the priceless gift of love.

Guests were satisfied, and are already waiting for the next event. Organizers say their goal was achieved.

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