In the Bahamas, Adventist Church Prays and Continues to Rebuild One Year After Hurricane Dorian :Adventist News Online


O ne year after Hurricane Dorian destroyed the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama in The Bahamas, there are still reminders of the devastation and much still to rebuild. With the coronavirus pandemic still threatening in an island territory heavily dependent on tourism, Seventh-day Adventist leaders took time to pray for the nation and give thanks for God’s mercy and His protection during the current hurricane season and the pandemic crisis, during a special online program on Sep. 4, 2020.

“We are here to thank God for how far He has brought us, for we recognize but for the Lord where would we be?” said Pastor Eric D. Clarke, president of the North Bahamas Conference, at the start of the program. “We went through a special and particular way through Hurricane Dorian, but we want to reflect on how God has been so gracious to us.”

Church leaders read scripture, prayed together and listened to church members who are still praising God for His providence during the surging winds and waves that touched their lives.


Eric Auguste can’t forget the ordeal his family went through in his home in Abaco that fateful night on Sep. 1, 2019. The 185-mile hurricane winds tore through his home, took his right arm and swept his mother away. “It was tough, very tough to go through,” said Auguste. He has endured many surgeries and has been able to recover in the United States with his family since then. “I could only make it through thanks to the power of God,” he said during a video clip. “God helped me with medical expenses, a place to stay, to get my life back together.”

William Brown, a church member in Freeport, Grand Bahama, stood right in front of where he and his family had to swim from their house in 7 to 8 feet of water to get to safety as the hurricane raged on. “I thank God even right now because He brought us through this. If it wasn’t for the love and grace of God, I and my family would not be here,” said Brown. “I stood on His Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us.”


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