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Integrated Adventist Health Portal launches


Nov 16, 2018  |  Brasilla, Brazil  | 

Integrated Adventist Health Portal launches

To enable easier access to health information, the Adventist Church in South America launched the Integrated Adventist Health Portal ‘Quiero Vida y Salud’ [I want Life and Health] in Spanish and Portugese at its Annual Council.  The idea is to add everything related to health within the guidelines upheld by Adventists around the world. That includes articles, videos, images and podcasts on any given topic, especially as it relates to  preventative care.

Those who access the site will find tips and practical guidelines, for example, on how to become a vegetarian and eat more healthfully. They’ll learn about the function of food, about exercise, water intake, and other well-known natural remedies. They can also access a healthy recipe index.   

Searches Market

People are desperately searching for information regarding health. Many do a self-diagnosis based on what they find in online search systems and end up adopting risky behaviors. A survey by a platform that connects patients and health professionals pointed out that 92% of the interviewed affirm that they surf the net to clarify their doubts about health.

A survey by the Institute of Science, Technology and Quality, a research entity in the pharmaceutical area, noted that 40.9% of Brazilians self-diagnose using only internet searches.  

The portal Quiero Vida y Salud [I Want Life and Health] will focus on preventive health and not on explanations on treatment of disease. It presents data regarding Adventist institutions that offer products and services including hospitals, clinics and spas located throughout South America. The internet user will also be able to research more about healthy products developed and sold by the Adventist food industries in several South American countries.

For more information, visit quierovidaysalud.com. You can also access the platform on mobile devices


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