Inter-American Institutional Boards Begin Reporting on Growth and Development Plans


Administrators of several Inter-American Division (IAD) institutional boards reported on growth, challenges, and financial stability during the past five years, as dozens of Seventh-day Adventist board members from across the territory gathered during online meetings today. Board members also elected administrators who will serve in the next five-year term.

IAD Publishing Association

IAD Publishing Association (IADPA), one of two publishing houses managed by the IAD, reported that despite the pandemic that shut down bookstores for over six months in 2020, sales reached over US$11.3 million. It didn’t compare with the phenomenal sales year of 2019, with $13.5 million, but the Lord abundantly blessed the publishing house, with its 88 bookstores and 167 employees, said Saul Ortiz, president of IADPA.

“We thank God none of our employees were laid off or had to take time off without pay, nor lost their salary,” said Ortiz. IADPA transitioned into online congresses and training sessions, as well as increased their discounts to bookstores and especially literature evangelists, he added. The publishing house increased its distribution of books for women’s ministries, discipleship books through personal ministries, books for the ministerial association, and additional content from Evangelist Alejandro Bullón through its missionary magazine, Priorities, among other books.

“Even though [sic] the crisis, God has helped us thus far, and we praise God because we didn’t close the year [2020] with debt,” added Ortiz.

IADPA leaders reported that 2020 saw more than 29,000 books by Ellen G. White, a co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, distributed last year during the pandemic.

The years 2016 to 2020 saw 16.8 million missionary books distributed across the IAD territory, reported Ortiz. Financial leaders also reported on the tithe and offering contributions to the church throughout the past five years, the progress of textbooks, and the success of bookstores, upcoming book projects, and more.


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