Irish Mission President Calls for Mission Wide Collective Prayer


11th April 2019

Pastor Dan Serb, president of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Ireland and Northern Ireland has issued an open letter in which he calls for all members of the Irish Mission and supporters from around the world to unite in prayer around a list of specific issues. He proposes that churches set aside time for prayer and fasting on 4 and/or 11 May to seek the Lord’s guidance and intervention. The letter is reproduced below. 

Download the original letter.

9 April 2019 

Dear Irish Mission family,

I have recently taken on the road a message from Mark chapter 9: Jesus’ healing of a demon-possessed boy. The story is both encouraging and rebuking, a paradoxical mix of glorious divine power at work and human failure and doubt, affirming that all is possible while tragically highlighting the disciples’ inability to cause change. Even though the outcome calls for celebration – the boy is made whole – it ends with the unavoidably frustrating question: “Why couldn’t we…?” The answer Jesus gives is simple: Prayer!

In the last couple of months, I have come to the realisation that much prayer is needed for the Lord’s work to go forth here, in the Irish Mission. Yes, we hold numerous meetings and prayerfully strategize every step we take, but I believe that the time has come for collective, unified prayer and fasting so that we can together seek the Lord’s guidance and His intervention. This is not a call to collective coercive bargaining with God, but rather an acknowledgment that only He can truly provide the answers and solutions best suited for the advancement of His work on this isle.

I thus invite you all to join me on the 4th and/or the 11th of May to pray and fast and seek the Lord’s guidance and intervention on the following matters:


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