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It is Written Sends "Hacksaw Ridge" Response Evangelism Resource Kit


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It Is Written is mailing a "Hacksaw Ridge" response evangelism resource kit to every church in the North American Division. Pastors, church secretaries, and/or head elders should be looking for this to arrive in their mailbox soon.

Included in this resource kit is:

1. A free DVD of the documentary, "The Conscientious Objector." Pastors can plan to show this in their church after the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" come to town. This documentary will tell the rest of the story about Desmond Doss.

2. It Is Written has produced three programs about Desmond Doss, hosted by John Bradshaw. All three programs are included on a second free DVD.

3. It Is Written has produced a booklet about Doss; samples are included in the kit.

4. It is Written has produced sharing cards; samples are included in the kit.

The movie "Hacksaw Ridge" will generate public interest in the story of Desmond Doss. With this free kit local churches can be ready and prepared for response evangelism in their community. 

Says an It Is Written spokesperson: "All churches can benefit from these free resources provided by It Is Written and the Desmond Doss Council."
For more information, visit itiswritten.com/doss or call 888-664-5573.

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