Kenneth O. Cox, Adventist Evangelist, Passes to His Rest at 84


Cox threw himself into evangelistic work and began touring the globe, with notable campaigns in Costa Rica and Melbourne, Australia. Following the 1992 Melbourne campaign, which netted what a church official said was the biggest number of baptisms in any evangelism event ever held there, Cox told the South Pacific Division’s Record magazine his presentation of the Adventist message was still relevant.

“I took the position that Jesus Christ pulls people,” Cox told Record editor Bruce Manners. “I don’t care if they’re atheists or what. … I think that you can go out and take Bible prophecy and interest people. I think we’ve shown that it can. We were booked out for three sessions.”

In an editorial, Manners praised Cox’s “almost flawless” presentation of the Adventist message and “professional” approach that involved local church members. “Nothing happened by accident,” Manners wrote. “It was all carefully planned and executed.”

In 1997, Cox joined the Voice of Prophecy ministry, at the time led by Lonnie Melashenko, as a field evangelist, and remained with that ministry for four years, Draper said. He then began his own ministry, which continued until the time of his death.

Cox’s sermon videos air on 3ABN and other cable systems, as well as a handful of broadcast stations around the country. His books and Bible studies have also been quite popular, Draper said.

Draper said his fondest memory was “traveling with Kenneth and hearing his explanation of the Bible.” Along with preaching, Draper said Cox was “a natural” when visiting potential converts at their homes. “He could win people over to Christ so easily, so logically,” Draper said. 

Cox is survived by a daughter, Laura Becker, of Loma Linda, California, and a son, James R. Cox, of Las Vegas, as well as stepsons Bart and Bob Vaughan, and several grandchildren. 


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