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Lifestyle diseases crisis highlighted to future leaders in the Solomons


At one of Dr Kuma’s lectures.

South Pacific Division health ministries director Dr Chester Kuma held a series of talks at Solomon Islands National University last week to raise awareness of the deadly impact of lifestyle diseases.

Dr Kuma hopes that by speaking to the nation’s future leaders there will be greater awareness of the gravity of the problem so that the next generation will adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Right now between 75 and 80 per cent of the disease burden in the Solomon Islands is lifestyle diseases,” Dr Kuma said.

“Despite the fact that it is the biggest killer in the country it is not being addressed as one would expect.

“If you want to change the culture, if you want to change the direction of this problem . . . if you can impact the young people there may be a chance.”

About 500 people attended each of Dr Kuma’s nightly presentations. He is now looking at the potential for collaboration with the university in the area of health research.

“Basically, I see the university as a big mission field with a huge potential for disciple-making and church planting,” he said.

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