Lineage Video Inspires Non-Adventist School

Lineage Video Inspires Non-Adventist School

18th April 2019

Pastor Adam Ramdin with Clive Coutet and his team have spent several years developing the Lineage Journey series of video programmes which explore the background to the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and then covers the growth of the Church itself. As the Lineage Facebook page points out, ‘Lineage is a multifaceted educational tool that explores our spiritual heritage.”

With over 8000 followers on Facebook alone and the knowledge that Pathfinders, youth groups and Seventh-day Adventist schools use the videos for teaching, it is well-known that the videos are used in an educational setting.

Samppa Muchenagumbo was sitting at his desk at St Thomas More Catholic School 84664in Blaydon when his teacher, Mr Botham, announced that his Religious Education class, would be watching a short video to help illustrate the kind of lifestyle young people should aspire to. The teacher, himself an atheist, wanted his pupils to use ideas in the video to help them think about their attitudes to the world.

The teacher had used Google to search for a suitable video and came across ‘Holy Island and St Aidan’ on YouTube. The class were watching while young Samppa was itching to tell his teacher and his class, “I know the speaker on that video, he’s a pastor in my church.”

Sure enough, the video was one of the early Lineage videos about Holy Island and St Aidan. A non-Adventist school had chosen a good Seventh-day Adventist video to illustrate how modern young people could adopt a deep concern for the poor and should be developing a practical faith based on the Gospel. 84663

The Lineage video series can be used in many settings. They are very short, to the point and cover Church history in a lively manner. It is wonderful that a non-Adventist school used a conservative Adventist video to teach lifestyle models. Watch the episode that captivated this non-Adventist school.


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