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LLU Health unveils secrets to living healthier, longer in new online health show


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Show to feature simple health tips based on research from the place where people live the longest

Loma Linda University Health’s online health show, “LIVE IT,” made its debut on YouTube Jan. 1, 2016, just in time for New Year’s resolutions.

From Loma Linda, Calif., the place where people live the longest in the nation, comes a health series unveiling the secrets of living a long and healthy life. Based on Loma Linda University Health research and encouraging others to LIVE IT, each episode features simple tips to live healthier, longer.

“No other online health show focuses on longevity,” said Cosmin Cosma, director of advancement films. “Simply put, Loma Linda University Health is a leading organization on wellness and prevention that holds the treasured research findings on this popular subject. Through an easy-to-understand format with animations, the show inspires viewers to LIVE IT.”

The inaugural season of the show contains 14 episodes, each ranging from two to three minutes in length. The show will provide quick, fun-to-watch videos on hot health topics and research from Loma Linda University Health.

Each episode is presented by a physician and journalist. It also includes sound bites from the main researcher on each topic as well as animation to visually exemplify the subject matter in an entertaining way. The show educates viewers on simple ways to incorporate the health tips into their own life.

The first episode highlighted research on nuts that ultimately reversed the health advise from the American Heart Association. Loma Linda University Health researchers discovered that eating a handful of nuts a day lowers cholesterol by 10 percent and cuts your risk of a heart attack in half. The second episode will premiere on Jan. 8 and subsequent episodes will be released every Friday through April 1.  See list of future episodes

For more information on “LIVE IT,” the online health show, visit the show’s website liveitlomalinda.org.


About Loma Linda University HealthLoma Linda University Health includes Loma Linda University’s eight professional schools, Loma Linda University Medical Center’s six hospitals and more than 900 faculty physicians located in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Established in 1905, Loma Linda University Health is a global leader in education, research and clinical care. It offers over 100 academic programs and provides quality health care to 40,000 inpatients and 1.5 million outpatients each year. A Seventh-day Adventist organization, Loma Linda University Health is a faith-based health system with a mission "to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ."

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